ClearStream Energy - Whistle Blower Policy
Whistle Blower Policy

ClearStream Energy Holdings LP and its operating subsidiaries require their officers and employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. The purpose of this Whistleblower Policy is to encourage and enable employees of the Company to report any action or suspected action taken within the Company that is illegal, fraudulent or in violation of any approved policies of the Company. This policy applies to any matter which is related to the Company’s business and does not relate to private acts of an individual not connected to the business of the Company.

This policy is intended to supplement but not replace the Company's Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy covering conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality, employees conducting business with the Company, other conduct violations such as bullying and harassments in workplace, the related grievance procedures, and any applicable provincial and federal laws governing whistleblowing actions.